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Human Transformation through Holistic Learning

No one in the world today will disagree that our world, as it stands today, needs transformation. And transformation needs agents, called Leaders.

The world today is replete with high IQ (Intelligence Quotient) leaders, many of whom, have been able to generate notable material /financial success by utilising their so-called EQ to motivate their teams for generating these performances/outputs. And yet, how many new path breaking leaders were they able to create? How enduring has been that success? Have we transformed the ways of human development and contributed to ‘evolution’? Have we benefited the planet and all that she sustains?

Let us think of these questions with the lens of action – what needs to change and what can be done about it.

In Indian wisdom, the transformational Leader is one who brings about a transformation of Self. Such a Leader is called Swami or Swamini.


The key differentiators of transformational Leaders are three. One, they left a Legacy, which is enduring.

Second, they left a positive impact on everything around them – team, society, nature, planet. And third, was their ability of becoming Jit-atma, they had accomplished total conquest of their own selves. Here is a curriculum which has been designed from the wisdom of Swamis/ Swaminis of India, for the creation of Swamis and Swaminis for India, who in turn will create Parivartan (Transformation) for the world.


This course will be the world’s most comprehensive and high value course because it will bring together two of the best sciences humankind has ever known – Yog and Arthashastra. Both disciplines have enriched India for thousands of years and have created untold prosperity for those who committed themselves to them.

Yog creates total inner prosperity while Arthashaastra teaches how to translate inner prosperity into external prosperity.

Our next Foundation Module Batch 8
starts on July 30, 2022
Every Saturday for 10 weeks
Saturday – 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

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