A considerable amount of research has been conducted in India on Wellness Programs that are currently being practiced. Findings show that workplace wellness programs are slowly gaining more support and acceptance; a majority of the organizations have a wellness program as part of their employee benefits.

A large percentage of these organizations offer Health Awareness Programs and access to doctors, consultations and health checkups. Some also offer Stress Management and Fitness Programs to their employees.

However these programs are just about offering information and creating awareness among the employees. It is still the employee’s prerogative to find access to resources he /she seeks to achieve an optimal state of well-being.

Research shows that a good percentage of employers agree that Wellness Programs help with increasing productivity, and help to attract and retain the best talent.

The factors that influence the introduction of Wellness Programs, as indicated by research, depends on increasing engagement and productivity while decreasing insurance costs and absenteeism of employees.

The biggest challenge for organizations to invest in Wellness Programs has been the linking of programs to the return on investment of business, as such getting funds for wellness programs is a challenge.

Even if there is a program for the employees where there is a small percentage of health improvement, even a single digit percentage, it would still be worth the investment.


Taking this point into consideration the Malaka Spice Group of Restaurants decided to put together a plan of Health and Fitness for its 300 odd employees with the Healyam Initiative.

Before the Healyam Well-being initiative came formally into existence, our organization had begun working in the space of cancer care – Live Life Love Life was created as the nonprofit wing of Malaka Spice for early screening and financial assistance to the disadvantaged. Meditation as a daily practice was also introduced to the employees to create happiness which is an integral part of the vision of the organization.

Today, Malaka Spice, a multifaceted hospitality group which consists of a Learning Academy, Farm Hospitality, and a Consultancy Wing besides operating restaurants focuses on bringing well-being to its employees in the space of Emotional, Physical, Intellectual, and Spiritual areas.


In the year 2018 we officially launched the Healyam Program for the employees of Malaka Spice. We also began a research project which comprised of Positive Psychology methodology, some physical interventions and some exercises for Emotional well-being with regular Meditation.

We conducted a pre-assessment of the employees before we started the research project and once we concluded the project we conducted a post assessment.

Our results showed a big shift in the levels of Health and Happiness in 80% of the participants.

Studies also showed that when employees are happy they make better co-workers working toward common goals; and their happiness is known to have influenced productivity at work in a big way.


Wellness initiatives are increasingly becoming important to organizations in India who want to keep employees happy and to attract new talent; however most organizations find it difficult to sustain these programs and ensure they are not just a tick in the box.

Currently the programs in India are geared more towards physical touch points and less on outcome.

We have thus decided to bridge this gap by creating programs that would be outcome oriented. Alongside this we will share our knowledge and best practices of creating happiness and health with the community. Sustained practice of these techniques and daily discipline are needed for the Healyam wellness model to become successful

Our programs are extremely personal and our techniques are easy to incorporate in everyday life.

We would thus like to end by asking if you are an organization or individual seeking Happiness, Health and Productivity? Either way, do reach out to us for more details and let us create magic together.


Recharge Yourself! Join us for a workshop on Tension Release Exercise followed by Qigong based meditation with Ameeta Menon, Wellness Director of Healyam.

The session will help you release stress and anxiety thus promoting personal health and wellness.

When: Every Friday, starting 10th January
Time: 6 pm – 7 pm
Healyam Exchange – Rs. 200 all inclusive
Venue: Malaka Spice Gurukul, above the Malaka Spice restaurant, Koregaon Park, Lane 5
To register call on 8390669333 or 7507000557


For more information contact Ameeta Menon on 9850318698.